How much time do you spend searching in folders for the correct logo, image or brochure?

Workflow Automation

Streamline management, approval, compliance and storage of your marketing campaigns, digital media, sales presentations, RFPs and financial promotions.


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Using a marketing automation tool that improves the efficiency of your processes – from creative briefing, artwork and document creation, review and approval of marketing collateral, to publishing and archiving of approved content. By connecting your Marketing, PR, Sales and Compliance teams, improves collaboration and brand consistency.


Complex to simple 

Consider centralising. Simplify complex processes of creating, storing and distributing marketing campaigns into easy-to-follow tasks with assigned responsibilities, deadlines and associated files for review. Forget unnecessary communications or missed deadlines. Stay on top of workload with automated email alerts and dashboard reminders when your contribution is required


If your business is regulated, or you’re looking to improve corporate governance and brand consistency, we could assist you in finding the best management and approval process tool for your business needs.


Why it should be your choice

  1. Saves time

Automate processes, reduces administration, saves time and money and helps get your collateral to market quicker.


  1. Reduces risk

By making each sign-off process efficient, transparent and controlled, will enforce your approval procedures, reducing the risk of breaching internal rules and external regulations.


Cut down your print cost

Briefing, proofing, producing and distributing printed items takes time, effort and money. But people make mistakes, errors happen, deadlines are missed, stock is shipped to the wrong address – all costing even more resource. Automate your print procurement and fulfilment by managing it quicker, with less interactions, resources and mistakes – ultimately reducing costs.


We can offer in-house or remote services that meet your needs and budget.


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Call us today on 020 8087 2377 or email us.