AI, Measurement and Policy-Marketing collaboration up for debate at Global Marketer Week

Apr 3rd '24

All three areas are among the topics on the agendas for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Forums, published ahead of Toronto 2024, where national advertiser associations from more than 60 nations and some of the world’s biggest brands will assemble in May.


The sessions, which are for WFA members only, include contributions from Cathay Pacific, The Heineken Company, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Shell, L’Oréal, Unilever, Haleon and many others. Key highlights include:


CMO Forum

The CMO Forum, open to senior marketing leaders within WFA membership, will focus on addressing marketing’s challenges, and opportunities, of operating in an AI world. Global marketing leaders, including CMOs from The Heineken Company and Cathay Pacific will share their own leadership experiences as it relates to their people and marketing performance. A guest ‘AI Futurologist’ will also help provide stimulus for senior level peer-to-peer interactions to identify potential leadership actions and solutions.


Media Forum

Atin Kulkarni, VP Global Media at PepsiCo, WFA’s Matt Green and ISBA’s Phil Smith will provide an update on the global Halo cross-media measurement programme. WFA’s Rob Rakowitz and Mathias Chaillou, Chief Media Officer at L’Oréal, will provide an update on brand safety issues and sustainability concerns, alongside Isabel Massey, Global Head of Media & Content at Diageo. Theywill also cover the roll-out of the Accessibility Alliance in the UK.


Policy Forum

The policy forum will explore the state of collaboration between marketing and policy, unveiling new research identifying areas of positive collaboration and where there is room for improvement. WFA will also unveil a model Responsible Marketing Framework, which identifies best practice covering areas such as marketing and children, environmental claims, privacy, brand safety and DEI. Speakers include Stephen Kehoe, PepsiCo’s Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Susan O’Brien, CMO Just Eat, Cynthia Sanfilippo, VP Global Public Affairs, L’Oréal, Andres Peñate, Global VP Regulatory & Public Affairs, AB InBev and David Wheldon, WFA President Emeritus & host of the Better Marketing Podcast.


Insight Forum

The Insight Forum will bring together industry experts sharing strategies to elevate the insights function. Attending members will enjoy case studies and discussions around how to demonstrate ROI of the insights function, drive commercial impact and embed insights into the business beyond marketing KPIs. Join your peers in Toronto, as we delve deep into the art of turning insights into action, driving tangible results and competitive advantages for your organization.


Sourcing Forum

Ramzi Chaabane, Global Category Manager for eCommerce & Emerging Platforms, L’Oréal, will explain how his team has played a pivotal role in sourcing innovative technology such as Gen AI, acting as advisors to support strategic investment decisions. Margarida De Las Cuevas Marques, Strategic Sourcing Manager– Digital Marketing Experience at Unilever will talk about the company’s ‘Aurora’ initiative for sourcing and managing influencers.


“The Forum sessions are a chance for our members to take a deep dive into some of the key issues they face every day and to acquire greater insight that will help them develop better solutions for their companies and consumers”, said Stephan Loerke, WFA CEO.


You can book your seat for Global Marketer Week 2024 here.


Click here for more information on these sessions.


Source & image: WFA


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