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Virtual Support

There is a growing trend towards virtual outsourcing for business support. With no employee costs, no office space to rent, we are able to provide a unique quality service to your business without the high rates usually charged by agencies.


LS Consultancy will offer one to one support with your key people to help drive and grow your business. Personalised services that offer the best in business support can be hard to find.


We can support you to grow or enhance your business needs as well as providing consulting services. Hand over your requirements to someone with experience and knowledge in the field.


If you need an extra pair of hands or assistance in a specific area, pick up the phone for a chat.


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Support services

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How we can help


LS Consultancy is a business-focused team of compliance and marketing executives who provide advisory services to clients on an as needed, project or part-time basis.


We bring a unique tailored approach to help clients succeed in today’s challenging regulatory and economic environment, enabling and empowering clients to manage the “cost of compliance” without sacrificing the necessary infrastructure and control environment. We have a range of bespoke and cost effective services in our arsenal.


We help professional firms and agencies create and capture more value by offering unmatched expert, practical support and guidance.


LS Consultancy combine expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality. Our delivery teams are handpicked experts with years of business, operations and consulting experience.


We can offer in-house or remote services that meet your needs and budget. Explore our full range of services, here.


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Call us today on 020 8087 2377 or email us.