Update Code for Field Marketing

Aug 1st '23

As of August 1, 2023, the Code for Field Marketing (CFM) has been updated. This code has been part of the Dutch Advertising Code since 1 January 2016.


The changes concern, among other things, intermediaries, chain responsibility, recognizability of recruiters and site times.


For more information, see DDMA, the initiator of this code.


Source: Advertising Code Foundation (SRC)


About Advertising Code Foundation (SRC) & Stichting Reclame Code (SRC)

The SRC has been the body in the field of self-regulation of advertising for over 55 years. The SRC promotes responsible advertising with the aim of ensuring the reliability and credibility of advertising.


The SRC deals with the self-regulation system of advertising in The Netherlands. Self-regulation means that the advertising industry (advertisers, advertising agencies and the media) formulates the rules with which advertising must comply. Both the advertising industry and consumers are represented in the board of SRC  and in the Advertising Code Committee and the Board of Appeal.


The advertising rules can be found in the Dutch Advertising Code. Anyone who feels that an advertisement violates the Dutch Advertising Code may submit a complaint to the Advertising Code Committee. This independent body decides after a transparent and swift procedure whether an advertisement conflicts with the Dutch Advertising Code. In case of violation of the Code, the Committee will recommend the advertiser(s) involved to discontinue such a way of advertising. The Compliance department will thereupon check whether the advertiser has put the recommendation into effect. SRC also offers the advertising industry services like Copy Advice and training, to help them prevent violating the rules. In this way, SRC encourages responsible advertising.


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