Is your business using YouTube?

Oct 25th '18

YouTube is the number one website people use all the time for ‘How to’ videos. Its fairly straight forward if your looking for something online you start with a quick search on google,  of which does display YouTube links to match the content you are searching for on google.


Google actually own YouTube so its no surprise they work together to bring you the best possible results for your search.


YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees back in 2005, of which it was originally intended for people to post and share original content. Since then YouTube has become the number one video sharing platform for businesses, artist, new movie trailers, new product lunches and so much more!


YouTube is a endless supply of video content, you just get online and start watching. Remember the simplicity of watching one video, then the next, then another, this could go on forever….


YouTube is addictive just like any other social media platform and people literally lose hours every day from watching YouTube videos. People spend hours watching, learning and being entertained by the channels they love.


If someone likes washing cars, then you can guarantee there is a channel somewhere out there for car washing tips, tricks and how to’s.


Actually there is and these videos are getting millions of views, with quality feedback.


So the big question should be, why are you not on YouTube? 

Wouldn’t you want to be one of the channels capturing your potential customers attention?


You can pick up a camera and start today, just create some quality content and start sharing your expertise with the world. There will be people who will learn, enjoy and share your content if it is of value to them.


Did you know over 300 hours of video is uploaded every single day on YouTube. With this amount of content being uploaded to a platform, some businesses may question if this if this is a viable market place for their business.


Although that is a astonishing amount of content being uploaded every single day, YouTube is still easier to rank higher then google. If you want to be found, then you must be considering YouTube, additionally as a extra means of being discovered.


This means if you are trying to get noticed online, then getting your website, or blog site up to SEO scratch is all well ad good, but YouTube may help increase your chances of being found.


You best start thinking about some top quality videos to release, as YouTube is only growing. Video content returns a much higher response rate on all social media platforms not just YouTube, so be a little creative and start thinking about video production for you and your business.


The term ‘viral video’ is a exciting term for business owners. As we stated earlier in the book, viral content could really propel your business and sales to unimaginable heights over night.


Although gaining massive sales from viral content is not the easiest thing to do, it doesn’t stop it being of excitement to business owners and entrepreneurs alike.


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