How to create a YouTube video for business

Oct 30th '18

How to create a YouTube video using your smartphone.


You need a huge budget, production team, good camera and a quality microphone is clearly not the case in this modern world of technology.


All you really need to get started on YouTube is your smartphone, internet access and creativity.  The takeover of video content marketing has been a long time coming as more and more brands have made the leap to YouTube. We’ve already covered if your business is using YouTube in a previous blog.


So many fall into the mindset that they cant get started on YouTube because they do not own a video camera, they don’t have the right lighting, or the editing skills and so on.


Did you no a large majority of big Youtube names all started or still use their mobile device for filming, especially the Vlogs (Video diary).


Those who are busy creating content, are not sitting around thinking they will never be good enough.


Start creating content today, by using what you have, where you are and learn along the way. Improve and upgrade your video making process as you progress, it is a fantastic piece of advice we should all take onboard.


Most smartphones have exceptional cameras, although investing in a good camera and quality microphone will substantially improve your video quality at a later date. Lets assume you just have your smartphone.


We have advanced so much in mobile technology, that many believe all you need is a smartphone. No cameras, no laptops, no computers and no being tied down to your wifi location. (Not the case).


Some believe that all you need is a smart phone, some internet access and your ready to create some video magic, but that all said, lets assume you are not that creative.


  1. Planning – catching live videos, or random videos around your business is great video content for your customers. It is also a great idea to plan videos in advance, so your video runs smoothly on the day of filming. This will help the video quality appear more professional for your followers.
  2. Lighting – well light and vibrant areas for filming will help the appearance of the overall production. A well lite area also shows a friendly approachable business, of which could attract more customers.
  3. Using your smartphone – Ok you can live stream from a smartphone from various social media platforms, but we are talking about a YouTube video production. Always film with your phone ‘Landscape’, as this gets a full image rather then filming ‘portrait’ of which cuts off the sides when you use the video bartage anywhere. Filming Portrait will leave black lines or marks when you post the bartage online, this is not a good look for a YouTube video.
  4. Filming – Hold the smart phone with both hands if you don’t have a phone holder, or small tripod. Keeping bartage steady also add value to your video production, there is nothing worse then shaky, unclear bartage out of focus.


So, are you ready to set up your YouTube business account? If so this blog will help.


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