Ways to Connect on Social Media: Rules of Engagement

Mar 9th '16

Ways to Connect on Social Media – Rules of Engagement 


Social media is not just about posting just your favorite, photos or links. By engaging with others you are more likely to succeed.


Not only does interacting allow your voice to be heard but also you can sometimes get a window’s view an individual’s personality that depends on what they choose to share with you.


But what is the best way to really engage your audience?


Here are 5 tips to help you:


  1. Leave meaningful comments on people’s photos or blog posts. Really read they’re content and photo captions and extend the conversation from there.  Make sure you check back and follow up if they have responded as answered questions can often create interesting discussions. Remember to be courteous, especially if someone is expressing a view that does not correspond with your own.
  1. Cross promote your followers’ articles. When you find an article or post that resonates with you or you feel will resonate with others, share it. This really helps make a connection with the author, an action that may result in the author returning the favour.
  1. Choose favorites. The “favorite” button on Twitter is a quick way to acknowledge you saw their post or re-tweets.  Its great tool to use to bookmark tweets to return to later. 
  1. Get chatting. Don’t just pick up followers; they are following you for a reason. Say hello, and thank them for following you. In my view it is better to focus on the audience than direct sales, especially through social media platforms. Post content that will draw people into conversation.
  1. Take online offline. Maybe the most valuable tip of them all. Once you make a connection online, try and take it offline to build relationships. Suggest meeting over coffee or put together a business event.


Remember, social media is not a one way conversation.  Join in a discussion and give people time to respond and engage with you.  Don’t take it personally if the person does not respond immediately.  Their stream may be extremely active.  Be patient, in time you will find your voice and community.


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