Twitter unveils Fleets Feature

Dec 7th '20

Twitter has released it’s newest feature called Fleets, and it works in a similar way to Instagram Stories. Paying homage to its name, Fleets are essentially “fleeting” thoughts, or, put more simply, temporary tweets that are deleted after 24 hours.


Twitter’s Fleets feature will allow users to set their drafts free, not having to worry about their thoughts being cemented on the site forever. And these disappearing posts are specifically meant for those fleeting thoughts that don’t have too long of a shelf life, like cheering on our favourite bartball team, commenting on drama, or when speaking up about something you might not want public replies to. When sharing your opinions with the world, the idea of permanence can be scary for a wide array of reasons, and Fleets is fixing that.


In addition to just disappearing after a day, the new feature also bans likes, retweets, or public replies, so users will only be able to reply to each other’s Fleets through private direct messages. Your takes won’t remain on a permanent timeline, so you’ll have more freedom to communicate your thoughts without them being representative of what’s on your mind a year from now. Moreover, you’ll be able to share photos, videos, or Fleet already-existing tweets.




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