Household cleaning influencer Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram posts have been BANNED

Mar 15th '23

The household cleaning influencer Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram posts have been BANNED by the watchdog because she failed to disclose to her 4.6 million followers that she was promoting her own products.


4.6 million people follow Sophie Hinchliffe’s Mrs Hinch Instagram account, which features cleaning advice. On January 7 of last year, she shared a story with a notebook full of writing with the caption, “If you’re a little mad like me tap here for yours.


The story’s link led readers to the appropriate purchase page on Amazon, and the video concluded with the front cover of the notebook, which read “Mrs. Hinch Life in Lists,” with Hinchliffe adding, “In my own notebook, of course.”


34 people complained that it was difficult to see that the post was an advertisement for Hinchliffe’s own notebook.


Hinchliffe said the notebook was her creation and was still on sale at a number of stores, but she thought it was obvious from the post that it was an advertisement for her own product.


She declared that going forward, she would be pleased to publish links to her own items as “ads” on social media.


However, the Advertising Standards Authority |(ASA) determined that the post’s commercial goal was “ambiguous” and pointed out that the phrase “Mrs. Hinch Life in Lists” and her claim that it was “In my own notebook of course” did not appear until the very end of the advertisement.


We found the ad was not immediately evident as to Ms Hinchliffe’s economic link with the notebook,” the watchdog said in its conclusion. In a separate decision, the ASA also prohibited another Instagram picture from January 27, 2016, in which Hinchliffe displayed various-sized heart-shaped dishes.


On a right roll here, the post read. I placed some “nibbles” ($hinchxtesco) in my own hinch heart bowls, which I love. Once more, viewers criticised Hinchliffe for failing to make it apparent that she was promoting her own range of goods. Tesco claimed that because it had no influence over the advertisements, it did not see them as coming from or having anything to do with the supermarket.


Hinchliffe and Tesco both acknowledged that the commercial was not covered by their contract, which had already expired on November 1, 2021, but that Hinchliffe had earned royalties for the goods that were a part of her line.


Hinchliffe claimed that the advertisement was produced “organically” and not as a requirement to promote the goods.


She claimed that the post was in keeping with the non-ad content she usually generated while unwinding or preparing meals at home.


Hinchliffe stated that she would continue to include a “ad” label for up to 12 months after presenting things that she had developed in the future, just as she did with the initial decision.


The ASA stated: “Although the text may have given consumers some indication that Ms. Hinchliffe had been involved in developing the bowls, it was not clearly made plain, and we thought that it was also not obvious that she had received royalties from their sale.


We also realised that Sophie Hinchliffe’s non-commercial material, which she produced as a home cleaning influencer and frequently shared on Instagram as lifestyle advice, was stylistically comparable to the ad.


“As a result, we believed that it was necessary to make it abundantly known when content like this, where she gave advise to her followers, was tied to a business agreement that benefited her financially.”


The ASA decided that the ad cannot be posted again, as it did with the initial posting.


Read: ASA Rulings published


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