Cutting through the BS around *those* influencer promo rules

Mar 2nd '22

The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) has changed the way an influencer can talk publicly about a skincare or health product in a paid post.


But there’s been a lot of confusion around how it exactly affects them and what it means for your Insta feed. PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to social media lawyer Marco Angele from Marshalls + Dent + Wilmoth Lawyers to cut through the bullshit.


What are the key changes to the Therapeutic Goods Association’s Advertising Code?


Angele said that there were four major changes to the Thereaputic Goods Advertising Code.


They’re each designed to ensure the marketing of therapeutic goods is balanced, accurate and socially responsible. Therapeutic goods refer to products that directly relate to our health. They include medicine, medical devices and products that can have a therapeutic effect such as sunscreen and disinfectants.


The biggest change here is that influencers can no longer offer a testimonial of a product if they have been paid to sell a health product or are offered a free product or service. Influencers still have to disclose these incentives which was a rule introduced in a previous iteration of the Code.


The other changes refer to the way businesses advertise these products.


Under the 2021 Code, they cannot market therapeutic goods in a way that causes people undue alarm, fear or distress under the new amendment. They also need to supply consumers with all the relevant health warnings about a product prior to buying it particularly if they’re doing so online.


Angele mentioned that the TGA simplified and streamlined the mandatory statements that are required to be on these products too. […] Read the full article, here.


Source: Pedestrian Group




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