IG hiding Likes: Good and Bad

Nov 11th '19

How does Instagram hiding “Likes” impact you?


When Instagram launched on 6th October 2010, its progressive and nuanced approach to photo-sharing seemed to breathe new life into the global creative community. Instagram dramatically lessening the distance between upstart photographers in Los Angeles and celebrated architects in Tel Aviv, quickly becoming the ultimate connector of opposing worlds.


During those exciting moments of social media infancy, the allure of sharing what inspired you reverberated louder than any performance metric ever could. Validation was the furthest thing from the user’s collective thoughts. Now, nearly a decade into its existence, Instagram is looking to restore that youthful jubilation that helped the platform ascend in the early 2010s.


Months after the company tested hiding “like” counts in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Brazil, the company has decided to expand. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced at WIRED25 this past Friday that testing hiding “likes” would impact the US this week.


Although the change is meant to return Instagram to its glory days – when creativity was king – the shift is also fueled by rising global mental health concerns.


This change is destined to benefit and impact Generation-Z, a demographic that is coming of age online. But given just how ubiquitous IG has become, make no mistake that this change will affect everyone.


Thoughts On IG Hiding “Likes”

So is it a good thing or a bad thing? The short answer is that it’s both. From one perspective, curtailing misleading depictions of immeasurable wealth and unlimited access to life’s riches by irresponsible influencers is a good thing. Perhaps it will counteract growing societal woes related to comparison, where we measure our lives against a fundamentally false ideal.


Hiding “likes” may also return creativity to the platform. Without the need to fear validation, maybe creatives will post and engage more with what they love, and not just what they’re expected to enjoy. Moreover, hiding “likes” removes the need for acceptance. Users could theoretically post a selfie without the inherent concern of receiving few “likes” or equating the “likes” to their self-worth. For today’s youth, this might be the change that keeps them both engaged and healthy on the platform.


The Good:


  • Everyone, especially Gen-Z, will less likely fall into a comparison trap
  • Makes “liking” persona again vs. “liking” what everyone else is
  • Instagram will feel less like an advertisement for our lives
  • Testing has shown that people are posting more without the pressure of wondering how the post will perform


This might be the end of bots!


There are also some concerns with the impact of hiding public “likes.”


The Bad:


  • Brands and creators will bear the responsibility of presenting engagement metrics to potential business partners
  • A recent study revealed that overall engagement may decrease so it’s critical to set your expectations for the potential of this downward trend
  • The influencer and creator market will be more difficult to navigate, leading to the rise of new entry points into partnerships and brand deals
  • Paid partnerships will require more than “likes” and engagement rates to provide value (e.g comments, click-through rates, views, etc.)
  • Instagram may monetize on a feature for influencers and brand managers to showcase performance metrics for a fee


When likes on Instagram are made private, this means that only users are able to see the number of likes their posts receive.


Although hiding likes won’t impact the entire Instagram user base immediately, a ripple effect has already begun. Some influencers and celebrities are voicing angry concerns over the proposed shift to remove likes. Others have applauded Instagram for prioritizing mental health and taking a stand to combat social anxieties.


Along with Instagram re-evaluating its platform to depressurize social structures, take the necessary steps to address your own triggers. It’s all par for the course and, frankly, long overdue.


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