How to Use Facebook for Business: Marketing Tips

Mar 11th '20

Small businesses can support their online marketing activities by creating a Facebook business (FB) page. Once you create your page and begin to build a following, you can use it to promote your business. But, getting your page noticed can be difficult as more and more businesses are being created and the competition for “likes” is increasing.


Here are some of ways to grow your FB community once you have created your FB business page.


  • Build a Custom Welcome Page

A custom welcome page or tab is a great way to introduce your page and your brand to your fans and guide their interaction. You can encourage them to like your page, click through to your website, share your page, and more.


  • Add Photos and Videos

Use the photo and video upload function to show off your business, products, services, and more. Adding headshots or introduction videos of yourself and your staff can also be a great way to connect with your fans.


  • Ask a Question

Use the status updates function to ask your fans questions. Try fill in the blanks or true/false questions that are easy to answer, and give your fans a quick way to participate.


  • Add a Blog Feed

Use an apps import blog posts from your blog right to your FB page as they as published. You can also add an RSS feed from someone else’s blog.


  • Organize an Event

Organise an event or sponsor an event, and use the FB event features to share it on your page.


  • Monitor

Keep track of activity on your page through email notifications so you can respond to comments or feedback, delete spam, and continue to interact with your fans in a timely manner.


  • Keep it Relevant

It’s good to add in some personality by posting a bit off-topic occasionally, but most of your posts should be links to timely, useful and relevant content for your audience.


  • Promote Your Page

Include your FB page URL on your website, blog, email signature, business cards, and other marketing materials to direct people to visit your page. If you have other social network accounts, share the link to your FB page and ask others to do the same.


  • Consistency

You don’t have to be logged on and engaging all the time, but your fans need to know you are there. Set a schedule and be consistent when it comes to posting, commenting and interacting.


  • Get Involved on Other Pages

Like other FB pages that are relevant in your industry, and participate in discussions on those pages (when using FB as your page). You can also tag pages in your status updates to help get your page noticed.


  • Blog About Your Page

Blog about your page on your blog, explain why people should like your page and join your FB community, and offer an incentive for people to like it (free downloads etc.).


  • Advertise

Advertise using FB Ads or sponsored stories to get the word out about your page.


  • Encourage Sharing

Make your page easy to share by adding icons to your website and blog, and asking your readers, customers, and site visitors to like your page and pass it on.


  • Reward Your Fans

Thank your fans for their support by providing special offers only available on your page, featuring a member of the week or helping to promote them.


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