Quick guide to social media platforms

Jun 8th '20

Social media has become an essential communication tool, both for businesses and individuals.


There are a number of social media platforms, each with a different audience and purpose, and it can be difficult to distinguish between them and decide which platform is right for business purposes. Companies and suppliers should be encouraged to explore opportunities to use social media in a positive and proactive manner.


For more information about the most popular social media platforms, what they are and how to use them, see below.



  • What: Social networking and news site.
  • Best for: Viewing real time updates, current news and staying in contact with others.
  • How to use: Create your own page where you can post short messages called tweets, follow other users and retweet other user’s content.
  • Businesses can: Utilise the platform by paying for sponsored posts to reach a larger audience. Share creative content to a wider market to attract potential new customers.
  • Other features: View statistics on how well your posts are performing.

Tips: Use hashtags when tweeting to identify key themes or topics



  • What: Image based social networking platform.
  • Best for: Uploading images, liking other user’s content and following their pages.
  • How to use: Create your own personal page by editing and posting images, tagging locations and writing captions. By following others users, you can create a ‘dashboard’ of different content.
  • Buisnesses can: Engage potential customers with photos of their products. They can connect with their audience by replying to messages and share links to their website.
  • Other features: Send private messages to other users through the direct messaging feature. Post snapshot videos or photos through the Stories feature which are only availiable on your profile for 24hrs.

Tips: Reach a large audience by using paid sponsored posts.



  • What: Platform for businesses and professionals.
  • Best for: Networking and business updates.
  • How to use: Share work experience and personal skills by creating an ‘online CV’. Connect with others by sharing content or commenting on posts.
  • Buisnesses can: Create company pages to share information to either inform current customers or to attract new business. Upgrade to a paid premium account to access features such as detailed business insights.
  • Other features: Communicate with others by sending direct mail through the Messenger feature.

Tips: Set notifications to be alerted when companies post job adverts which match your skills.



  • What: Social networking platform for friends, family and buisnesses.
  • Best for: Sharing updates via the newsfeed.
  • How to use: Users can set up their own personal profile, send friend requests to people they know and upload content such as photos and videos.
  • Buisnesses can: Create pages to share information to their customers.
  • Other features: Message individuals or create group chats through the Messenger feature.

Tips: Events can be organised and electronic invitations can be sent out to friends.



  • What: Video sharing website.
  • Best for: Uploading video content and watching videos.
  • How to use: Upload videos to your own personal channel, subscribe to other people’s channels and watch videos online.
  • Buisnesses can: Share visually exciting creative content which can then also be embedded on their website.
  • Other features: Receive notifications when your favourite channels post videos.

Tips: Share your videos to other social media sites such as Facebook.


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