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Jun 15th '16

Have you dabbled with internet advertising? Or are you put off using Pay Per Click (PPC). The reasons people do not advertise online we find, include fear of cost, looking barlish and getting it wrong.


Concerned about the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) getting in the way of an effective ad?


Where to Start and What’s Right for Your Firm? With Internet Advertising we are not referring here to organic or natural results that follow a search, (ie. the ones down the left hand side of search engines such as Google or Bing), but rather the internet advertising that appears within three categories:


  • Search Engines (Google has nearly 90% of the UK search market)
  • Display Network (Google’s cousin where ads appear on third-party sites)
  • Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn


Search Engines Advertising Who should consider this? Any business that people regularly search for. Go to Google and start to type the terms people might use to search for your business’s products/services. If they appear then there is an opportunity. If it is a new product or service it may not feature.


The Display Network

Instead of a list of search results, it shows image ads on websites owned by third parties. Often used to promote brand awareness, but can also be a good way to get interest in new products/services. It can build up costs quickly so get advice.


Social Media Advertising

Since the launch of Facebook in 2004 this has been phenomenal. Advertising started in 2012.


There are thousands of social media platforms with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and a few other big sites leading the pack.


Targeting can be specific, for example people within a radius of tens of miles, earnings levels of for example £25k-30k, work anniversaries, age, hobbies and various other profile settings and preferences.


Don’t Bungy Jump!

Leave it to OI Solutions team to look after your PPC account and avoid the traps. There are traps! As PPC specialist Adrian Stephenson says: It’s not what they include in their encyclopaedia-like “help” sections; it’s what they leave out that’s the issue. Many people try AdWords, it is so easy to set up and play. Just like making a bet, but businesses shouldn’t be like that.


Download free, Adrian Stephenson guide: Novices guide to internet advertising. It tell you how and where to advertise online. Included in the guide:


  • why the initial campaign setup is crucial
  • be cautious with settings and realistic with budget
  • you can always invest more as you progress
  • a PPC campaign needs TLC and continual attention


Does the FCA make Internet advertising unmanageable?


LS Consultancy founder, Christopher Hall, says:


As Internet marketing has evolved, so have its influences. No longer do customers rely solely upon company literature, published product reviews and direct word-of mouth recommendations. Instead they are immersed in a world where products and services are openly and widely discussed online; making the Internet a potentially powerful influence in any purchase decision or relationship a customer has with an organisation.


One of the key talking areas in financial services is social media. Advisers still seem to use it as a generic newsstand by relaying previous news from a number of sources. This means they not only fail to engage a specific audience but also do not fully understand how to meet with financial promotion requirements.


The FCA published their completed guidance on financial promotions in social media last March (2015).  The guidance is detailed and covers a range of topics, including where responsibility when re-tweeting, forwarding or sharing others’ posts, and the use of risk warnings. It also provides a reminder of the regulator’s stance on approval and record keeping, and the fact that this applies equally to social media.


Internet marketing has become an everyday necessity in the professional world of communications, and it is important to stick to the rules.


Author: Peter Eales – OI Solutions


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