Creating a winning franchise business

Jun 17th '16

Creating a winning franchise business.


Creating a franchise business can be all time consuming. But you have decided to embark upon opportunity to grow your business and in my humble opinion, that’s a smart decision.


Your brand is firmly anchored in the marketplace and the sales training that you deliver to your franchisees is invaluable. Starting a conversation with a customer is a simple task for your franchisees if their social media marketing knowledge is still fresh.


Social media is a primary communication tool for your customers and you recognise your franchisees fall into 2 camps, ducks to water and fish out of water . Helping all of your franchisees to use social media on a daily basis and they’ll soon get a good understanding of its power.


However, for social media-marketing plans to be effective, you will need an overarching strategy that targets specific goals for your franchisees to accomplish. Without a specific strategy, their front doors will seldom see a customer walk through them from Facebook.


Targeted Franchise Social Media Strategies

Your social media strategy needs to answer a few questions.


  • What is the primary goal of my franchisees business in relation to our parent company’s reputation?
  • Who is their target market?
  • What social media campaigns have successfully worked in the past for my parent company?


This process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can provide franchisees unique guidance on what has worked for you. This is a huge advantage over their local competitors and you should take advantage of this.


Social media marketing research can be a long process, which encompasses keyword research and looking for appropriate communities to join and share content to. The more of this you have, the better equipped they can be.


Social Media Campaigns Require Diligence

Once you have gathered the required information, you need to understand social media dynamics.


Social media is a two way conversation. Showing franchisees how to deliver prompt responses to their posts will begin the personalisation that they need to build a local following. This may seem logical, however, social media can be misleading.


The communication that your customers interpret will determine your success in social media that in turn will determine web traffic and your final sales. This is critical. Prompt, direct communication is a turning point for your social media campaign every day.


Social Media Strategies Require Expert Attention

Even though social media seems simple and uncomplicated, help your franchisees to understand that a combination of social media tactics, content and platforms will win the campaign. Just as you may offer financial and business planning guidance to your franchisees, be prepared guide them through you through the online marketing process.


Social Media Advertising Components Are Mechanical


  • Set a realistic budget, which will not over extend your franchisee. A few pounds a day on Facebook will go long way compared to Google AdWords.
  • Select keywords that represent what your customers would use to search for your products and services. Especially for your profile information. Reflect them in your content like blogs, images and videos and your ad copy.
  • Create an advertisements that showcase a special offer of your franchisees that may be exclusive to a platform. For example, run a voucher on Facebook for a month and then switch to Twitter or Pinterest to test which works best.


When you have decided upon these specific attributes, your social media campaign will be in full swing. Right?


Well yes, but this is the “reason” you need a combination of social media tactics. Why?


Your franchisee’s signage needs to be strategically placed within a few streets, or miles from their site. Right? The idea is to entice your customers with a sign repeatedly, until, the consumer has a desire to investigate your brand.


This is the same in your social media campaign, which will communicate your brand through several social media routes. So that means don’t just drive people to your franchisees home page, drive them to a point where you can capture some contact details to keep the conversation going. Social media is just the start.


Social media strategy is not a simple endeavour, but it is effective with an expert’s guidance.

You know what works on your social media. You will have social media campaign data that has proven successful. So use that to help your franchisees generate genuine sales opportunities time and time again


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