Facebook & Instagram Booking Appointments

May 14th '19

Talk about a game changer when it comes to scheduling that weekly meeting. You can now schedule appointments at your favourite local businesses through your Facebook and Instagram account!


Facebook and Instagram are now starting to integrate crucial tools to their platforms that will help Small Businesses to connect more with their consumers. Appointment Booking – Instead of having to google local businesses after discovering them on Instagram or Facebook, you can instantly book an appointment directly through their profile on both apps. (Say goodbye to googling information and phone calls!) Here’s How: Book your appointment on Facebook by choosing the ‘Book Now’ option on the Facebook Page of the business and book on Instagram via the ‘Book’ button on the Instagram Profile of the business (easy, right?!).


The good news too – all businesses have access to ‘Appointments’ on Facebook and Instagram at no charge! With this new feature, businesses can attract new customers by adding an extra layer of convenience without them having to text or call to book.Not only does this save time, but it also makes it easier for businesses to manage their calendar as well!


Here’s to making appointments with your favourite businesses without ever having to leave the app!!


  • To learn more about Facebook Appointments, click here.


  • To learn more about Instagram Appointments, click here.


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