How to make your Facebook business page work effectively

Sep 13th '19

How to make your Facebook business page work effectively


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and definitely a platform that businesses should take advantage of. It has come to a point that having a website is just not enough in today’s world, and consumers now take to social media to check out businesses through their friends, reviews and posts. Read on for our 5 Facebook business page tips.


Create an official business page on Facebook

There are many businesses that create personal profiles for their brand. Personal profiles do not have access to marketing tools or analytics and users need to be added as friends before they can engage with your brand. This makes it difficult for users to connect with you.


If you haven’t done already, create a business page. Go to and click Create a Page in the top right hand corner and follow the instructions.


Make sure your Facebook business page is properly set up. You want to make a good first impression

When potential clients come to your page they expect to find information at their fingertips i.e. contact details, business hours etc. Don’t worry, Facebook will walk you through each step – so don’t skip any information and be as specific and as detailed as you can during the set up process.


Images should be sharp. Profile photo size is 180 x 180 pixels. Cover photo, the recommended desktop is 828 x 315 pixels, while for mobiles its 828 x 465 pixels.


Engage with your audience

As with most marketing, when you start your business page, follows and likes will trickle in slowly. Don’t worry about this, and concentrate on page engagement. Followers and likes will come in time, and in the long term you will have a successful business page. Engagement with your audience is more important than a number of likes.


How you achieve this depends on your long term strategy. We use a Calendar of topics that we focus on over the year as a guide. How often you post is up to you and what kind of persona does your page want to portray.


You may want to think about running competitions/prize draws to generate excitement among your followers. The aim is for them to share your content with their friends and families.


Call-To-Action (CTA) button

You have a CTA button which can link to your phone number, meeting bookings or your website. It really depends what you want to achieve and what your strategy is at a point in time.


Analyse growth

Once your page gets known and numbers start to rise, you can start to analyse your insights and see which posts gathered the most engagement or shares. You can also see which the optimum times to post are, and which demographic relate to you the most. This all takes time so remember you are in it for the long term. You may need to re-think your strategy depending what works and what doesn’t.


Facebook business page can be a daunting task for just one person, so think about delegating to team members. Your business page can be set up with various positions, such as, Admin, Editor and Writer.


Facebook like other social media platforms is an ever evolving platform and you must be ready to change with it. What works today, may not tomorrow.


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