Top tips for creating holiday video content

Sep 23rd '19

Part of strategising for the holidays means thinking outside of the box to create new and engaging content for your audience. Whether it’s in the form of upcoming sponsorships, innovative partnerships, or seasonal campaigns…the holiday season is the perfect time to begin brainstorming new ideas and ways to create content for your followers.


The holidays can also be a tricky time of year for brands, influencers, and businesses alike. It’s a time where content has been planned months ahead; there are clear and concise goals, strict deadlines, and holiday strategies that have been set in place for the busy months ahead. Start planning early by making sure that your holiday video content aligns with the following 5 points below!


Tips for Creating Holiday Video Content as a Brand


  • Set Objectives for your Video – Always make sure to set clear and concise objectives for any video content during the holiday season. Whether you’re working with a sponsor, or collaborating with another business… don’t forget to outline your objectives for your holiday project so that you know what you’re main focus is ahead of time!
  • Be Clear and Concise – Try to be clear with your vision, and focus on using to-the-point language with your holiday video content. The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone, and you want to make sure you grab your audience’s attention from the very beginning of your video.
  • Incorporate Holiday Fun – Don’t forget to have fun with your video, and make your holiday content worthwhile! Mix things up by incorporating a fun holiday giveaway, additional interactive holiday extras, and more to make it fun and engaging for your audience.
  • Choose Your Partners Wisely – The partners that we choose to work with are often a direct reflection of our brand. Choose your partnerships wisely during the holiday season, and try to limit the amount of sponsored posts or collaborations.(Save slots for only the ones that are MUSTS on your list!) Keep a list of the number of promotions you want to share during the holiday season to stay organized and ensure your content has variety.
  • Have an End Goal – Are you hoping to boost sales, do you want to push a new product, or are you spotlighting an exciting collaboration? Fully understanding your end goal for your holiday video strategy will ensure great results. (And, try finding ways of measuring its progress along the way to build on those results for future video content.)


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