How to connect with your audience on a personal level with Instagram Stories

Sep 10th '19

When it comes to connecting and engaging with your audience, you want to make sure that you’re creating an effortless and organic line of communication between you and them. You want to feel that they will be able to reach you with questions or anything they’d like to know regarding your blog, website, store, etc.


The goal is to have a direct brand to consumer or influencer to audience connection.

This will allow for openness with your followers and excitement towards the content that you’re sharing every day and week. It will also help your audience form more of a personal relationship with you, which will build trust towards everything that you’re sharing with them.


Favorite brands and influencers to follow are the ones that you feel as though you already know on a personal level. Those influencers that make you feel like you’re “friends” with them and have been for years. With that said, the most organic relationships are built on trust and genuine care. Those two things are what you should also think of including and cultivating within your online relationships with followers and readers.


Your website, store, and social channels should ALWAYS be geared towards your audience’s needs. They are a vital key component to your marketing strategy and a great source of success for your brand.


The thing that your followers are looking for most is a connection. To believe what you’re sharing, they need to form a trusting relationship and bond with you from the very beginning. Below are a few ways on how to better connect on a personal level with your audience via IG Stories.


How to connect via IG Stories:


  • Post Q&A’s to get to know and understand your audience better and answer them promptly via DM
  • Share answers from your Q&A’s on Stories for followers to see that they’re part of the conversation.
  • Collaborate with brands and other influencers (that share your aesthetic and style) for features on Stories to gather excitement around your brand or website.
  • Include tutorials on IG Stories that they’ve requested. Do they want to see a specific recipe or how to use a new product that just launched? Include a quick tutorial on Stories, and ask for submissions on what they’d like to see next!
  • Host “IG Live” sessions which are geared towards your follower’s needs. Examples: answering questions about blogging, social media tips, how to get started with their website, new arrivals try-on session, and more.


Making yourself a valuable resource to your followers will keep them coming back for more.

The most important thing is to – always, always, always be consistent. The more that you engage on IG Stories and the more responsive you are with your followers, the more they will continue to look for your content. You may even become a favorite go-to for them!


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