Dominate Local Car Dealer Search With Social Media

Oct 3rd '16

The Social Media Search Engine Formula

Finding a car dealership and specific information about the company is not difficult for consumers, especially, the simplified internet search process, which is an accepted part of consumer decisions and purchasing power.


What does the potential customer do first?

Without a second thought, the consumer resorts to a search engine for car dealership results. Usually, the consumer will venture through the first page, and the potential customer might venture to the second search results page, but not often.


For the consumer, this a typical process. For the car dealership, this process can create declining profits.


Leverage social media for your car dealership search results

If you are the car dealership, you are in constant competition to attract customer attention. As the car dealership owner, you have several marketing options to consider. In the forefront of your mind, you need to understand that social media is a driving force in every potential customer’s life.


What are the preferred social media sites for vehicle purchasing customers?


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


Your thought process might be leaning toward, “I have a car dealership to operate with several employees, so my time is limited.” You are absolutely correct, but you need to understand how social media drives your search results, more importantly, how can your car dealership crawl toward the search engine’s first page results?


Dominate your car dealership search results with a social media network

Creating more content does not equate to search engine savviness. Search engines rank content on several factors, however, a few important factors are quality content and trustworthiness. Both of these factors are well supported in the social media realm.


  • Create an engaging headline that is keyword specific to your car dealership.
  • Embed a supporting website link that navigates toward your car dealership’s webpage.
  • Embed hash tags with your social media posts, so consumers can locate your car dealership information via search engines easily.
  • Provide feedback to your consumers by answering their questions.


Social media is a two way conversation, so your customers expect for your car dealership representative or Social Media Manager to engage their queries.


Direct social media interaction is a success feature for your car dealership

As the car salesman, you understand answering your customer’s questions is paramount to capturing a car sale. If you do not answer a consumer’s questions directly, the customer will begin to assume that your claims are partially incorrect. Ultimately, the customer – salesman trust relationship is damaged.


Build a trusting relationship with quality content.


While social media is a driving force for search engine results, the direct response and website links must be supported with quality content. This is also a ranking feature for search engines as well. If your supporting content does not meet a quality standard, or it is judged as an untrustworthy site, your trust reputation will be tarnished among search engines.


Posting useful information on social media sites will increase your search engine results, however, it will definitely increase a trusting relationship with your target market. The quality information that you provide to the consumer will drive their purchasing decision.


Brand your car dealership as a social media savvy business.


Social media is an opportunity to increase your brand awareness, demonstrate your customer service and build loyalty through a trusting relationship. This is the foundation for a successful car dealership in a social media environment.


How can you increase your social media presence to drive search results?

A combination of quality content that is trusted by consumers, which will be supported by search engine rankings. A car dealership that engages a consumer on a social media channel will win the sale before the customer steps on the car dealership lot.



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