How to set up a Business Facebook Page

Jun 12th '18

You may be thinking on doing a little Social Media marketing or starting to think about using Facebook for your business.  You wouldn’t be alone as in 2015 there were said to be over 40million Business Pages on Facebook according to TechCrunch and the number is carrying on growing.


1. Reach New Audiences

Facebook has over 1.86 billion according to Wikipedia users which is an incredible potential audience that’s is using the platform day in day out.


2. Zero £££ high value

Facebook Business Pages are not a chargeable service and they operate very similar to an individuals’ personal account.  They work slightly differently in that people engage by ‘Liking’ your business, rather than sending and accepting friend requests.  But, you can invite your Facebook friends to the page.  Facebook Business Pages are by their very nature high value when you consider the traction you can gain by inviting along a few key refers whose friends can see that they like your company.  People that come, do come with their friends.  Facebook is the place where it’s good to be liked.


3. Facebook – aplace for heart warming stories

Everybody likes a good story and Facebook is that place to put all those kinds of socially responsible stories.   The more you include others in your stories and the more you engage with your audience the more traction you will get.  Some of the material more suitable to Facebook may well be the information that’s less suitable on the home page on your main selling website – it’s peripheral, it’s about how we do things rather than ‘what we do’ but it certainly makes for a good heartwarming read by an engaged audience.


4. Command Page 1 on Google

Having a Facebook Business Page will also give you an additional listing on Google ensuring people can find you when doing an internet search.  We should all aspire to completely own the first ten results on a Google search for our trading name and having a Facebook Business Page provides us with another key listing in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).  This takes you one step closer to commanding the first page on Google.


5. Increase Traffic to your Business Website

Considering your Facebook Business Page as a portal to your business and your ability to make what you do and the way you do things attractive to a large audience, Facebook offers a springboard for people to find out about your company and find the channel via which you do most of your sales through.  In essence, Facebook is a great Landing Page and can bring valuable traffic to your website from an audience you’d otherwise not reach.


6. An outlet for Company News

With a fully engaged audience, Facebook is a great bulletin board through which to publish your company news through.  Interlaced with your the Socially Responsible part of your company where you engage, sponsor and bring praise to others your audience will also enjoy hearing about the occasional news about products and services an will certainly enjoy hearing about any regular promotions you run.  In addition to this, other news that would be considered as PR (Publicity or Public Relations) is also fit for sharing inclusive of any Newspaper, Magazine, TV or radio interviews.


7. It’s easy to keep Time Management low cost

Social Media has previously been criticised heavily for taking up lots of time and being time heavy for administrators.  Configuration of Facebook Business Pages for people starting out can be set to prevent engagement and messages to avoid your time from being split between what you must do and management of a social media channel.   This allows you to build your audience without necessarily getting over embroiled in replying, liking, chatting and engaging with your audience – this can come later when you’re ready and for now you can set-up the page and keep Time Management costs low until you’re ready to make this part of one of your employees jobs as your business grows – you can always change how you do social media when the time is right, but to start you can simply build an audience base without the headache of social media engagement.


8. Options for Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Facebook has an Advertising Model that allows you to boost posts using a Pay-Per-Click model to the Facebook demographic.  This allows you to pick a particular story that’s you’ve posted to your Facebook Business Page and promote it by paying for it to appear in audiences timelines based on demographic selection.  The model used allows you to pay a fee for each new person that clicks on your advertisement and allows you to set a monetary cap, so you can put a little bit of money behind people finding out about a particular news story bringing more people in to your net, giving you an ever growing audience who are aware of your products, services, news and company.


9. It’s good for your Brand

Brand is very much intertwined with ‘reputation’ and Facebook provides you with a reputation management solution where people can find out about your company and how you like to do things.  This is quite simply great for your Brand and should be embraced if at all possible.  There are always two sides of the coin and of course there may be instances where an online complaint happens from an inflamed user – but do not despair as this is marketing gold.  In marketing this is an opportunity to demonstrate excellence and create love amongst your audience by handling and dealing with this in a positive and constructive manner that leaves people with a  wow feeling.


10. Magic Tricks available through Automation

Business Automation has extended to the online world through hooks, filters, events and actions allowing a simple registration on your website to be posted out as a standard message on to Facebook thanking the person publicly by name for their registration.  This kind of event driven automation creates new material online for other users to engage with helping to create a fresh and active online eco-system.  We can even take eBay listings and push these through Facebook or as is very popular simply take your news posts an feed them out through your Facebook Business Page to create a steady stream of material.  The basic method of using an event in one place as a trigger to create a post on Facebook helps to stir up activity and develop user engagement.


These ‘magic tricks’ are what avid digital marketers do best and we of course welcome all enquiries for marketing automation.


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