Best 10 Social Media Platforms for 2023

Feb 6th '23

Approximately 4.48 billion individuals used social media in 2021. Additionally, access to smartphones and the internet is getting cheaper and simpler. We must assume that these numbers will continue to increase. More than 5 billion individuals will be using social media by 2023.


You can locate the top 10 social platforms on the web market. These will be a part of your SMM plan for 2023. Some of these platforms may even aid in the creation of beneficial social networks.


1. Twitter
Twitter is a popular social media site for hot subjects. Users can participate in pertinent chats and current events because of this. The platform had more than 330 million active monthly users by 2021. unlike other prominent social media platforms.


It has a large user base that is highly employed yet no users. Every day, 500 million tweets are published on Twitter by users.


2. Instagram
Instagram is a website for sharing photos. It is a social market based on apps. It also features a web-based platform that users can access. In 2021, they have 1 billion fans or users. Instagram is a platform with enormous visibility.


Users distribute videos and images everywhere. Instagram Stories and Live features are also used. The younger generation talks a lot about it. Instagram users tend to be younger than users of other social media sites. Their user base ranges in age from 18 to 30.


3. Facebook
Among all social media platforms, Facebook is the largest. In 2021, there will be 2.7 billion active users per month. If there are alternative social media, the majority of individuals utilise Facebook. It is therefore a well-liked platform for branding. There is a sizable viewership.


With their Facebook friends and followers, people can exchange images, videos, text entries, and business links. On the social platform, fans can follow the profiles and pages of celebrities. Brands will advertise their products by running Facebook advertising.


4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a well-liked social media platform that has a huge following among B2B experts and professionals. Over time, the platform has evolved into a chop-chop. There are currently 690 million members.


Members will increase the platform’s effectiveness of their connections. It contains a number of functions, including the ability to apply for jobs and to display one’s portfolio. A excellent place to showcase your expertise is LinkedIn.


5. YouTube
A popular venue for unlimited video sharing is YouTube. Videos, including movies and many more types, can be shared. On the YouTube channel, people can make money. In 2021, there will be an average of 2 billion active users per month. The average viewing time for videos is 40 minutes.


6. Tumblr
The best microblog social media site is Tumblr. Users can join communities and disseminate their ideas by taking part in cultural conversations. It debuts as one of the most popular social networking platforms. Teenagers are more likely to use it. In 2022, the website received 321 million different unique visitors.


7. Pinterest
Pinterest is a platform for sharing images on social networking. People can create themed boards and include images of the products on the boards. Users can directly shop while also creating shopping pins. In 2021, there were 335 million platforms. On these boards, people create more than 200 million pins each day.


8. Reddit
In the US, Reddit is a well-liked social media platform. Users can join the subreddit and interact with other users about pertinent topics. It has a news agency website with current events.


Users will engage with, advertise to, or comment on this news. It has a sizable user base and sees more than 1.3 billion active users per month. It will receive the majority of its traffic from the US, then from Canada.


9. WhatsApp
An app-based social network is WhatsApp. Users can share SMS, pictures, videos, audio files, and documents. Compared to other app-based social networks, WhatsApp is more widely used. They had around two billion monthly users as of March 2021.


Interaction between users is made easier by adding a lot of new features to the user platform. Users are limited to creating one call option. However, it now offers a variety of calling options, including group calling and chatting.


Users can update their status with text, video, and photographs. Within a day, it was gone. In 2021, they will have 500 million supporters.


10. Snapchat 
Young people’s preferred social networking platform is Snapchat. Like Instagram and WhatsApp, users may simply send and create status updates with one another at any time. The site now has 229 million daily active users who are very active users.


This will still be the most widely used social media platform in 2023. The next ten social media are beneficial for online marketers. Some of these platforms might help you promote your whole business and your products.


Better fan communities can be created via social media platforms. Whether you’re a client or an influencer, you may connect with others using these platforms. You can make stronger ties thanks to it.


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