Why remote work is here to stay

Feb 5th '21

Although Covid-19 vaccines could become widely available to the public as soon as the second quarter of this year, business leaders must understand that remote work is here to stay.


Indeed, not only will some Americans continue to feel uneasy about returning to the tight confines of an office, but many have adjusted to, and prefer, the telecommuting model — which was already taking hold well before the pandemic gripped the global economy. Rather than view this shift as a challenge, firms should look at these unprecedented events as an opportunity to remake their businesses.


Consider, for instance, that initial studies are showing that remote work leads to greater productivity. Just as promising is how many firms are investing in programs and policies that boost employee wellness and engagement — a key to conquering some of the challenges associated with having a dispersed workforce.


The most obvious upside is being able to slash real estate-related expenses. Free from that burden, firms can deploy more capital on initiatives that drive growth, whether it’s retaining top talent or upgrading aging tech systems.


How companies are ramping up remote work

According to news reports, a wide array of prominent businesses have agreed to allow staff to permanently work from home, including tech giants Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Square and Shopify. Even Deutsche Bank is considering allowing remote work two days a week.


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Author: Stephen Marsh. Source: Smarsh


About the author:

Stephen Marsh founded Smarsh in 2001. Under his leadership, Smarsh has grown to become the leader in the enterprise information archiving industry.

Before founding Smarsh, Stephen led product management and development efforts at CCBN, which is now a division of Thomson Financial, and spent time in key roles at Fidelity Investments and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

Stephen is actively involved in the Oregon technology community and mentors the founders of more than a dozen fast-growing companies. He was the recipient of the 2018 Technology Association of Oregon’s Sam Blackman Award, which honors Oregon’s top technology executive. In 2014, Stephen was named FTF News’ FinTech Person of the Year.


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