Why WhatsApp and WeChat support?

Jun 10th '20

WhatsApp and WeChat have rapidly been adopted as business tools by the global workforce. These messaging applications allow users to send text messages and share images, files and other media with ease. As such, they are often the tools of choice for employees communicating with clients and colleagues around the world.


Capturing and archiving WhatsApp and WeChat content is uniquely challenging, because these applications are designed for end-to-end encryption of messages. As a result, the majority of regulated organizations have simply prohibited their usage.


This frustrates their workforce and leaves organizations open to risk when employees violate prohibition policies. The need for capture and archiving support for WhatsApp and WeChat content is long overdue and has only increased with their growing popularity among employees.


What is the Smarsh solution?

Smarsh now provides a comprehensive capture and archiving solution to help combat these challenges. With Smarsh, organizations with compliance, open records and e-discovery requirements are able to leverage these popular IM tools while being helped to meet their recordkeeping and oversight obligations.


WhatsApp and WeChat content is captured in its original format and in full context, regardless of a user’s device, location or network. Once captured, messages can be retained in the Smarsh archive alongside all other electronic communications or sent to an existing archive.


All archived communications are retained by Smarsh in a “search-ready” state, ready to be leveraged by your IT, compliance and legal teams.


With Smarsh WhatsApp and WeChat support you will be able to:

  • Capture WhatsApp and WeChat content and send it to your chosen destination
  • Archive WhatsApp and WeChat content with Smarsh, including messages, files, images, links and user activity, alongside all other electronic communications content
  • Quickly access, search and export WhatsApp and WeChat communications
  • Meet content governance and e-discovery requirements effectively, with a unified solution
  • Apply granular policies to WhatsApp and WeChat content to monitor risk and behavior


For full details of how Smarsh captures WhatsApp and WeChat content, or to book a demo, please contact their sales team.


Source: Smarsh


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Smarsh® helps organizations get ahead – and stay ahead – of the risk within their electronic communications. With innovative capture, archiving and monitoring solutions that extend across the industry’s widest breadth of channels, customers can leverage the productivity benefits of email, social media, mobile/text messaging, instant messaging/collaboration, websites and voice while efficiently strengthening their compliance and e-discovery initiatives.


A global client base, including the top 10 banks in the United States and the largest banks in Europe, Canada and Asia, manages billions of conversations each month with the Smarsh Connected Suite. Government agencies in 40 of the 50 U.S. states also rely on Smarsh to help meet their recordkeeping and e-discovery requirements.


The company is headquartered in Portland, Ore. with nine offices worldwide, including locations in Silicon Valley, New York, London and Bangalore, India. For more information, visit www.smarsh.com.