Social Media Strategy and Policy: Financial Adviser’s Guide

Sep 16th '16

This guide contains practical steps that will help you develop a social media strategy and policy, so you gain maximum business value from your social efforts. It also outlines some smart compliance practices—so you can be prepared to present your social media records, as well as evidence of your supervisery procedures, in the event of a regulatory request or exam.


The widespread adoption of social media is creating new possibilities for financial advisers to connect and engage with clients and attract new opportunities. But to be heard above the noise on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter requires a smart strategy and thoughtful policies.

Download The Financial Adviser’s Guide to Social Media Strategy and Policy in the UK and learn:


  • How each social media platform can generate business value
  • To set up an engagement process for social media that will deliver results
  • The right policies and technologies that will allow you to use social media safely and effectively

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Source: Smarsh


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