Smarsh Enterprise Platform

Jun 15th '22

Smarsh® is thrilled to announce the release of the new Smarsh Enterprise Platform! Designed to centralize governance management, the platform helps organizations better meet the unique needs of global compliance while gaining improved understanding of how communication drives their business.


Smarsh Enterprise Platform users can now confidently:


  • Capture and retain more than 100 communication types — across email, social media, instant messaging, voice and more — compliantly
  • Leverage intelligent data management to reduce compliance retention costs by up to 50%
  • Achieve higher levels of data security than on-premise solutions with industry-leading cloud encryption
  • Review workflows faster by using artificial intelligence technologies to reduce false positives by up to 95% 


“Global compliance programs are under pressure like never before,” said Kim Crawford Goodman, CEO at Smarsh. “As businesses become increasingly global, they are challenged with complying with ever-changing regulations across multiple geographies.”


  • New capabilities and key improvements

The new Smarsh Enterprise Platform delivers unmatched, expanded capabilities across four vital areas in communications data management:


Support modern work with improved capture
Capture coverage extends to 100+ channels
, including platforms like TikTok, Reddit, WhatsApp, Telegram, RingCentral, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many others. Gain a greater piece of mind with the reconciliation dashboard, which gives visibility into the volume of data captured and archived from each communication channel. This means spending 20% less time confirming audit trails.


Reduce storage costs with new data lifecycle management tiers
Cloud storage costs are always top of mind. We made it easy for enterprises to balance data storage costs based on their data retention needs.


Meet regulatory guidelines with machine learning capabilities
Surface risks accurately, quickly and easily with machine learning technologies — without creating regulatory complexity. This means reducing false positives by up to 95%.


Reduce cyber-risks with secure cloud architecture
Cybersecurity continues to be top-of-mind — especially in the industries we serve. Our advanced encryption safeguards data better than on-premise methods and enables users to limit ransomware attacks with improved role-based access.


  • Using communications intelligence to revolutionize communications strategy

There’s seemingly no end to the volume and variety of communications you’re required to capture, retain and review in support of regulatory retention and oversight obligations. These communications contain compliance and brand risks, costly operational errors and security threats. But they also contain opportunities, such as real-time cultural indicators and untapped revenue opportunities.


The only way to truly leverage digital communications intelligence at a global scale is by leveraging artificial intelligence and the flexibility and performance of the public cloud — two core components of our platform.


The Smarsh Enterprise Platform is a major step forward for regulated organizations, enabling you to illuminate risk and insights across petabytes of digital communications generated by many different sources.


Get the full details of the Smarsh Enterprise Platform here.


Source: Smarsh


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