Digital marketing trends in 2016

Oct 13th '16

Digital marketing trends in 2016 – how have predictions fared?

At the start of the year, Perivan Solutions published a blog looking at digital marketing predictions for 2016. Based on the results of a survey carried out by agency Smart Insights, the blog looked at some of the activities that would have the biggest commercial impact in 2016.

Perivan’s blog outlined ways regulated firms could capitalise on these trends – and avoid compliance pitfalls while doing so.

Have predicted trends materialised?

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a good time to revisit some of these predictions – see which have taken off, which haven’t panned out as planned, and where regulated businesses have been able to tap into the latest developments.

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#Trend 1: content marketing

As predicted, content has remained a major focus in 2016. Engaging your clients and prospects with content that’s interesting and genuinely useful makes absolute sense.

For regulated firms, the overlay of regulatory compliance can make content production a more daunting prospect – but it doesn’t have to be. This blog on why content marketing is right for financial services has lots of tips that will help you confidently develop content that’s compliant AND compelling.

#Trend 2: big data

The data you acquire via digital activities is invaluable to marketers:

  • Giving you evidence that your approach works
  • Enabling you to accurately quantify the impact of your activity
  • Allowing you to fine-tune – doing more of what works to maximise ROI and minimise waste

As with content, there’s no sign that big data is going away – and with good reason. Upping your digital activity gives you more analysis than ever before – a strong argument, if you need one, for regulated firms embracing a digital approach.

If you’re struggling to get the business on board with digital, you can find helpful tips here.

Trend 3: marketing automation

Another trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Automating your processes has major benefits – not just for your team, but for regulatory compliance and the efficiency of your business as a whole.

Introducing an automated workflow process can streamline project management; align your team better with your Sales colleagues; enable best practice briefing and collaboration with external agencies; minimise the risk of compliance errors in your content – the benefits are numerous.

If your firm is yet to embrace the advantages of automation, this blog on building the business case for automation may be a useful read.

#Trend 4: mobile marketing

Web access via mobile devices continues to grow exponentially. Did you know that Google now takes mobile compatibility into account when evaluating your website? If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it will drop down the search engine rankings – something no marketer wants.

A 2014 report stated that 66% of email opens took place on a mobile device – and that percentage is growing all the time, with B2B mobile use growing alongside B2C.

To take advantage of this trend, make sure you understand how mobile-friendly your site is and what you can do to improve it.

So far, the trends predicted for  the digital marketing trends in 2016 seem spot on. Although regulated firms may traditionally have used more established channels, there’s no reason you can’t make use of digital tactics to devise successful, measurable, cost-effective campaigns.

For more on how you can ensure a compliant approach to one online channel – social media – you can download this free guide, 10 best practices for compliant social media.

Source: Perivan 

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