A better way to create and amend PowerPoint presentations

Nov 21st '18

It is a cliché, but the year is speeding by.  If sales target deadlines are looming then you may be trying to close that long-pursued deal or look for fresh new leads.  As a sales professional you know that the majority of your time should, (and you would rather it be), spent actively selling. In reality however, do you achieve this? Do you feel instead that you spend far more time than you should do writing and amending sales pitches and bid proposals? Endless hours spent trying to find the most up-to-date financial information and compelling content to include?


Knowing exactly what you need to say to clinch the deal but not with the presentation material to back it up. There is no doubt that high quality content is a key sales driver.  A well-written sales presentation is a powerful tool. However, time spent searching for, or creating content is wasted selling time.


Once you have devised and written that perfect pitch it is far more time-effective to amend, update and tailor it to new prospective clients than to start all over again.PowerPoint has useful tools to help you to edit, amend and share presentations that have already been created.  These same tools make it easy for more than one person to work on a presentation or a proposal at the same time and so is a great way of collaborating effectively with colleagues.


  • Changes can be made and tracked to allow you and your colleagues, including those in marketing and compliance, to review and approve your presentations quickly and easily.
  • You can insert comments and make changes to presentations, as well as allowing others to comment.
  • An additional tool enables you to see all changes made by comparing an amended slide with the original version.
  • All changes can be accepted or rejected with one click and the new document saved


Within PowerPoint you can create slide directories to save and organise your favourite or most used slides and insert them into new presentations. To save even more time, or if your PowerPoint skills are not as proficient as you’d like, then accessing a searchable corporate content library can give you back that vital selling and client contact time by providing you with the latest sales and financial information right at your fingertips, accessible 24 hours a day from any device, in the office or on the road. However, working in a regulated industry you are faced with the additional pressure of compliance requirements – having found the perfect soundbite or financial measure to present your point, it can’t always just be inserted into the presentation – it must first  be checked by the relevant departments and approved for use.


By using a PowerPoint slide library you have access to pre-approved slides, images and video material, as well as PowerPoint template tools to guarantee you are using the correct fonts, colours, styles and designs to stay on-brand. Editable PowerPoint slides can be selected and updated as necessary to suit your client or presentation needs. Once changes have been made they will be automatically watermarked and sent for approval. The approver can easily see and accept your changes, providing a documented and auditable trail of all changes to a document and its approval.This will allow you to create up-to-date, impactful and compliant PowerPoint presentations in minimum time, enabling you to spend more of your time doing what you do best – selling.


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