Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks

Feb 21st '20

For thirty years, the Portman Group have undertaken to encourage responsible drinking habits among consumers, while fostering a balanced understanding of alcohol-related issues and promoting targeted interventions to support and reduce the minority of drinkers who misuse alcohol.


They aim to consistently challenge the industry to deliver higher standards of best practice and fulfil the essential self-regulatory role of ensuring the responsible marketing and promotion of alcoholic products to UK consumers under the Codes of Practice.


The Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks and the Code of Practice on Alcohol Sponsorship to ensure that alcohol is marketed in a socially responsible way, only to those aged 18 and over, and in a way that does not appeal particularly to those who are vulnerable.


The Codes apply to all alcohol marketing (including naming, packaging, sponsorship, point-of-sale and brand merchandising) which is primarily UK targeted and not already subject to regulation by the Advertising Standards Authority or Ofcom.


Both Codes are regularly reviewed and publicly consulted upon. The most recent Code on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion was published on 4 March 2019 and the Code of Practice on Alcohol Sponsorship was published in 2014.



Code Signatories

The Code is supported throughout the industry. There are over 150 Code signatories including producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and trade associations.


Code Reports

Over our 30 years we have produced regular reports on our Code. These reports cover the regulatory activity undertaken by Portman Group


Source: Portman Group


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