The drink sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Feb 17th '21

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic brought with it a set of grave and unforeseen challenges for people the world over. The imposition of lockdown and consequent shuttering of pubs, bars and clubs meant that the alcohol industry was uniquely challenged. Throughout, the industry has stepped up to responsibly respond to the needs of its staff, communities, and the public. The reach of their efforts has been staggering with pubs and producers supporting the NHS, charities, communities, and hospitality staff.  This has been done in a robust and considered manner ensuring the industry’s commitment to supporting those affected by the pandemic has remained at the core.


As the social responsibility and regulatory body for the sector, the Portman Group is uniquely placed to draw on the work and achievements of the diverse bodies, charities and companies involved in alcohol.


Last year, the Portman Group ran a blog series, working with key players in the alcohol industry, to highlight the lessons learned during the first lockdown and next steps for the future. As they publish the Supporting Communities – the Drinks Sectors Response to the COVID-19 report, they are conscious that they have not reached the end point for COVID-19. Normality is still at a distance but it is still worth taking time for the sector to share its best practice. It will allow others to be inspired by the activities of the industry and adopt the ideas to help respond while restrictions are still in place.


This blog marks, not only the launch of the Portman Group’s report, but also the second blog series on the COVID-19 response.


Read more, here.


Source: Portman Group


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