All Hands to the Pump

May 26th '21

All Hands to the Pump is an initiative designed to support those working in or with the licensed trade. The organisation offers access to webinars, events, and training.


It was developed as a partnership by key industry groups: Best Bar NoneNational Pub WatchInstitute of Licensing and Association of Town and City Management.


The initiative was set up to assist hospitality workforces to gear up for the gradual re-opening of pubs, bars and restaurants following the third lockdown. The reopening began in England, with outdoor hospitality from 12 April. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland then followed with varying restrictions implemented allowing for the enjoyment of hospitality again.


The Offer

Training and events are run regularly and provided free of charge. The training sessions cover topics such as risk assessment and how to become COVID-secure, essential lessons that are crucial to the safe and sustainable reopening of licensed venues. All training is run virtually via online webinars, showing the flexibility and adaptability of this industry, even in the face of such immense challenges. So far, the online webinars have been viewed by over 2,500 users.


The partnership also signposts free resources including guidance on reopening, financial support, and emotional support for employees’ mental health. Our Supporting Communities report that highlighted the significant work of the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic detailed a number of the charities and groups acting as a network to offer similar assistance to those working in the licensed trade sector. The respective reach that each has, and ways needed to support various groups, underscored how diverse the sector is and how vital these services became during the pandemic. All Hands to the Pump has played an important role in creating an accessible hub for all those affected by the pandemic and associated long-term closure of hospitality venues.


All Hands to the Pump has become a go-to hub for workforces across the licensed trade looking to come back stronger than ever as hospitality reopens. Yet again, the industry has proved its resilience and commitment to working together to provide a strong network of COVID-secure businesses that will be able to bounce back from this crisis.


Any individual or group who is offering free training or resources which may be useful to those working in or with the trade, are encouraged to get in touch with All Hands to the Pump so those resources can be listed and made available to the community free of charge. Additionally, All Hands to the Pump invites anyone working in or with the on trade to get in touch via the contact us page and one of the team’s experts will be in touch to offer free advice.


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Source: Portman Group


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