Policies and procedures writing services

We can quickly and efficiently provide the policies and procedures your firm needs

Don’t let your organisation be held back by poorly written policies and procedures.


Policies and procedures should be one the first places managers and staff go to when they have any doubts about what they should do.


The problem is, people often find it hard to write them well. It’s one of those tasks that often doesn’t seem like a priority, when you’ve got so many other things to do.


Poor or missing policies and procedures are some of the main reasons why staff find themselves stuck, wasting time or making mistakes. Sometimes, they have to deal with contradictory information. They can also find it hard to find the right advice quickly.


Your policies and procedures will also come under the spotlight if things go seriously wrong.


The ability to communicate is like a super power. We can help you get that super power.


We help you provide the clear policies and procedures your team needs. Good policies and procedures documentation can give you confidence your staff are doing their jobs well.


You and your team know how to run your business.


What we do is write policies and procedures documentation for you that communicates this clearly.


We can also update and improve your existing content. This can involve making the information clearer and easier to find. It can often involve identifying and fixing any areas that are incomplete. We can work with you to correct any information that’s inaccurate or otherwise out of date.


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Policies and procedures

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LS Consultancy can provide bespoke policies and procedures to fit your business operations and meet both external and internal requirements. Whilst policies and procedures must always capture the relevant regulations which impact you the important information is in relation to how you will meet the requirements rather than a regurgitation of the rules. LS Consultancy does not believe that generic and gigantic are effective. Documentation is written with the reader in mind. Who is this document aimed at? What are the expectations from this document? Is it auditable? Is it effective?


We can provide a suite of documents or specific documents as requested or we can provide an assurance review of your documents to ensure they are fit for purpose.


The types of content we create or update:


  • HR policies and procedures
  • Health and Safety policies and procedures
  • Supply Chain and procurement
  • Sales and marketing policies and procedures
  • Finance policies and procedures
  • Operating procedures
  • IT security and data privacy procedures
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance policies and procedures


For regulated firms, we can also help with:


Writing of a Regulatory Business Plan

For any FCA Application you are required to have a Regulatory Business Plan, which advises the FCA of your business and how it operates in line with meeting threshold conditions. This will explain to the FCA who you are, how your firm operates and how you will meet your ongoing regulatory requirements post-authorisation.


Provision of a Regulatory Business Plan Template

Rather than have a Compliance Expert write this Regulatory Business Plan for you, should you prefer to do so yourself, we can provide you with a FREE template allowing you to complete all the information that needs containing in your plan.


Provision of a standard set of Compliance Policies and Procedures

The FCA requires you to have these documented and available for inspection at their request. We can help write these documents.


Compliance Monitoring Programme Document

As part of your compliance policies and procedures you will need to have a monitoring document demonstrating the areas that require reviewing, how often and by whom, illustrating how you and your staff will comply with your firm’s compliance procedures.


Discover more about how we can help you provide the right content for your audience, simply and efficiently. If you need an extra pair of hands or assistance in a specific area, pick up the phone for a chat.


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