One of the UK’s Leading Financial Services Regulatory Compliance & Marketing Consultancies.

Why Choose us?

Simply because we provide regulatory compliance solutions across the UK, Europe, APAC and in the Middle East with growing connections in Africa and South America.  We specialise in bank start-ups, risk management, remedial work, strategy planning and execution, providing governance and documentation, and other advisory solutions.


LS Consultancy ensure that we understand your business and create solutions that fit your company without forcing square pegs into round holes.


Their work is select, often discrete, and completely confidential under non-disclosure agreements. They don’t just advise on compliance and risk, they consider your business proposition and strategy.


We take on very few new clients, so contact is always available directly with the person you need.


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Our Costs

Compliance costs of services offered by LS Consultancy.


Whenever we talk about consultancy services, we typically know that the cost of regulatory compliance consultancy and variation of the level of consultant employed on the tasks will vary.


We offer prices ‘from’ and a typical range for you to see, as this is often one of the first questions people ask.


FCA authorisation – We can help firms obtain fca authorisation or registration, as well as prepare for the FCA’s consumer duty.


  • Small firms from £8,500 to £25,000 (typical cost £12,500 to £18,300)
  • Medium sized firms. From £25,000 (typical cost £28,500 to £78,290)
  • Banks & insurance companies. From £120,000 (typical cost £186,000 to £324,600)


Audit & projects – We can provide independent audits of firms’ compliance arrangements, as well as help with specific projects, such as the implementation of new regulations.


  • Governance review. From ££4,500 (typical cost £6,600 to £14,860)
  • AML review. From £5,100 (typical cost £5,500 to £12,200)
  • AR network review. From £12,000 (typical cost £18,000 to £17400)


Financial Promotion Advice – Your financial promotions and your website present the public face of your business. Making sure they’re compliant is absolutely crucial. Ask for details.


Training We offer a range of training courses on compliance topics, including FCA consumer duty, financial crime, financial promotions and risk management. From £1,800 [up to 20 people per 2 x 3hr sessions per day] (typical cost £2,200 to £4,800)


ServicesWe also offer a range of other services, such as compliance and risk framework design, and implementation of compliance change programmes. From £15,000 (typical cost £17,600 to £22,000)


In addition to these services, LS Consultancy also offers a number of additional benefits, such as:


A focus on understanding the client’s needs. We take the time to understand each client’s specific needs before providing recommendations or solutions.


A commitment to providing value. Our recommendations and solutions are always designed to provide value to clients, both in terms of cost savings and risk mitigation.


Although a small (boutique or niche) we have team of experienced professionals.


Overall, we are an well-respected compliance consultancy that offers a wide range of services to help firms comply with regulatory requirements. Their focus on understanding the client’s needs, their commitment to providing value, and their team of experienced professionals make them a valuable resource for any firm that is looking to improve their compliance posture.


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