Working from home – making sure your broadband is ready

Mar 17th '20

Lots more people are expected to need to work from home, or remotely, in the coming months due to the coronavirus.


If you’re one of them, now is a sensible time to make sure your broadband service and mobile phone are working as effectively as possible.


Ofcom have guides containing simple, practical steps you can take yourself, to make sure your broadband service and mobile phone work well at home.


They’re also keeping in touch with broadband providers on the measures they’re taking to deal with increased demand.


BT Group’s chief technology officer has also put together a short video to talk about network resilience if lots more people need to work remotely. And the Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA) has said that broadband companies are “ready to handle any potential extra bandwidth and consistently assess the demands that are being put on their networks”.


ISPA has also advised companies to ensure that their own IT systems and servers are ready to support a significant increase in remote connections for their employees.


Source: Ofcom




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