Getting post and parcels during the coronavirus

Jun 16th '20

During the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, more people are working and learning from home, and businesses are needing to change the way they operate.


As people try to keep in touch with loved ones and stay stocked up on essentials, the UK’s postal workers and parcel deliverers are playing a vital role – working hard to keep letters and parcels arriving at homes and businesses across the country.


Here are five tips to help postal users like you – and to help posties and deliverers keep things moving safely.


  1. When receiving letters and parcels, you and the delivery person should stay a couple of metres apart. Postal companies are not currently expecting people to sign for items, but you can signal you’ve received it instead.
  2. When your parcel is on its way, let the delivery company know if you have a safe place where they can leave it.
  3. When going out to send post, check the opening hours of the Post Office or parcel shop – it might have changed.
  4. If your letter or parcel isn’t critical, please be patient and allow more time for delivery. Postal firms are facing disruption due to the coronavirus, so it may well take longer for your item to be delivered. Some types of deliveries, such as bards and medicines, are being prioritised.
  5. Postal workers are key workers. They’re overcoming challenges to help keep the country moving. So, you can make a difference too by showing your appreciation to your postie or delivery person.


Source: Ofcom


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