Could a price comparison service help you to get a better phone or broadband deal?

Aug 23rd '22

Amid rising living costs, lots of people are looking at ways to save money on the services we use every day.


Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce how much you’re currently paying for your phone, broadband or pay-TV packages – these tips provide more information on how you might be able to do this.


And if you’re out of contract for any of these services, you just need to follow a straightforward, three-step process to get a better deal.


While it’s never been simpler to switch your home phone, broadband, mobile or pay-TV provider, how can you be sure you’re making the right move that could save you money while offering you the service that’s right for you?


Price comparison services are a really helpful tool in this process. They help you to make an informed choice by setting out details of services and deals, helping you to compare by provider and cost and identify which one might be best for your needs.


Office of Communications (Ofcom) accredits a number of price comparison services. Only services that undergo a thorough, independent audit can be accredited by them – this makes sure the information they provide is accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand.


Ofcom recently updated the rules, and so far since then they’ve accredited – or reaccredited – six price comparison services:



For more information on which services are accredited, the information they offer, and on how Ofcom’s accreditation scheme works, visit the price comparison page of their website.


Source: Ofcom


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