Secondary ticketing deadline

Jan 17th '19

As of midnight on tonight (17 January), viagogo, StubHub and Ticketmaster are all required to have overhauled their processes to improve information about tickets listed for resale.


This follows Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) enforcement action.


The changes being made

The changes will ensure that from midnight on the 17 January, any new ticket listed for resale on these websites will include information about:


  • whether there is a risk that the ticket buyer will be turned away at the door
  • which seat in the venue they will get
  • the identity of the seller if it is a business – so that people can benefit from enhanced legal rights when buying from businesses


viagogo is also required to make changes to its processes to:


  • prevent customers being misled by messages about the availability and popularity of tickets
  • make it easier for customers to get their money back under its guarantee when things go wrong – avoiding the risk of consumers’ claims being rejected unfairly
  • ensure certain customers who made claims under viagogo’s guarantee but didn’t get their money back will receive refunds if they were entitled to them


Next steps

Once the deadline passes, there will be a comprehensive review of the changes each website has made to its processes. This is to ensure they have all fully complied with the formal commitments given to the CMA by StubHub and Ticketmaster, and the court order imposed on viagogo. This will be followed by annual compliance reviews.


Once complete, the results of these reviews will be reported to the CMA.


The CMA will update its case page with information on whether the sites are compliant with their commitments once it has reviewed the results.



If the CMA find that the required changes have not taken place, they will take further action. This could include pursuing action through the courts.


Information for businesses

The CMA has also published the following information for businesses:



Source: CMA