PSA service registration update

Sep 4th '19

You have until 02 December 2019 to update your service details and comply with the new Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) Code requirement.

Why are the PSA doing this and what are the changes about?

Registration was introduced seven years ago and has not been updated since. In that time, the phone-paid service market has evolved considerably. These changes will bring more efficiency in:

  • consumers finding all the information they need on the service they used (what the service is about, how much it costs, how they’re being charged and how to contact the provider) and increasing their confidence in phone-paid services
  • the PSA running effective market analysis, service monitoring and due diligence instead of directing consumers due to inaccurate/incomplete Service checker results.

You can find more details on why we’re doing this in part 3 of the consultation statement.

Throughout 2018 we consulted extensively with the industry and decided that this information will  now be required under service registration:

Core service information

  • service name
  • service start and end dates
  • customer service contact details (telephone, website, email)
  • service delivery method
  • service description
  • other service terms and conditions
  • service delivery domain
  • country of service provision
  • customer service information (service provider can input text to enable specific messaging)


  • brand name(s) the service is known by
  • brand images (if relevant)

Service type and payment

  • service category and sub-type
  • Special conditions declaration
  • payment frequency
  • charge
  • price description

Consumer bill details

  • all bill identifiers
  • all bill identifier types

Service promotion

  • service promotion description
  • promotion start and end dates
  • methods used to promote a service (from a defined list)

Service value chain

  • name(s) of other providers in the value chain
  • other providers service roles

How do I do it?

Next when you log into your PSA registration you’ll be able to see a list of all your current services. You will need to go into each service and fill in all the missing information. Once you do this the status of the service will change to Complete and you’re done.

We will then check all the information you entered to make sure it’s accurate. If we find any missing information or discrepancies, the PSA will get in touch with you.

You can also check the Registration help guide where you’ll find more details on how to complete the service update.

I need more help, what do I do?

If you need help with updating your service, please contact us at or on 0844 264 1222. Calls will cost 2 pence per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.

Notice to industry – registration of services with the PSA

Source: PSA