PSA publish statement on proposals to enhance the effectiveness of sanctions

Jul 20th '17

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) have published their final statement on proposals to enhance the effectiveness of sanctions. In March, they launched a consultation on proposals, reviewing whether their current approach to sanctioning is sufficiently robust to deter providers from non-compliance.

Following this review and feedback received, the PSA have decided to adopt the proposals outlined in the consultation. The main changes include:

  • a revised process for imposing fine sanctions
  • setting out revenue considerations in adjudication reports
  • establishing severity levels for Code breaches
  • determining severity and initial sanctions for each Code breach and assessing any mitigating and aggravating factors in final sanctioning.

The changes do not alter PSA powers. They set out how they intend to make better use of them and to clarify where greater transparency is needed. The majority of providers offering compliant services will be unaffected by these changes as the changes are only likely to impact providers subject to enforcement action.

Read: Final Statement

The updated Supporting Procedures is available here.

Source: PSA