Perivan Technology becomes Simplifie

Mar 29th '19

Why the change – and why do names matter? We look at the reasons behind Perivan Technology’s new name.


Simplifie – what do they do

They’re making the change because the name Simplifie better represents who they are and what they do.


Their market-leading tools and solutions already simplify life for a wide range of clients – from company boards, to regulated marketing teams; from corporate compliance teams to charity’s committees.


Simplifie project management and approval software, board portal technology and slide library tool support teams in producing professional and compliant documents, marketing collateral and board packs.




  • Delivered packs for more than 56,000 board meetings
  • Produced over 15m documents
  • Enabled over 4m approval workflows for their 500+ customers across more than ten countries.


As a trusted and innovative SaaS company, we firmly believe that Simplifie provides one of the best software solutions for boardrooms, marketing, compliance and governance teams.


What’s changing?

The name has changed, but Simplifie will continue to operate in its current structure. Contact details (phone number and address) remain the same.


The new corporate website address is and their email addresses will change to the domain


There will be no change to the way clients access products.


Nick Roi, CEO, said: “By simplifying the ways board packs are produced and delivered, and making the compliance and marketing approval processes more efficient, we’ve helped our clients transform the way they work. We look forward to continuing to grow and providing the same value and quality which you have come to expect from us.  We’re very excited at this name change, which better reflects the solutions we offer,”


To find out more about Simplifie, their solutions and ethos, head over to their website.


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