New campaign to encourage switching

Sep 23rd '19

Ofcom has launched a campaign to explain that it’s never been simpler to switch your mobile or broadband deal.

You might hear one of Ofcom’s radio adverts, or see some online adverts, over the next few weeks. Ofcom want people to know that they can switch mobile network with a simple text message, and get a guaranteed speed before they take out a new broadband contract.

Text to switch your mobile provider

Ofcom has made it quicker and easier to leave your mobile provider. The rules mean you can switch network by sending a simple, free text message to your current provider.

The ‘text-to-switch’ process gives you more control over how much contact you have with your current provider – take a look at Ofcom’s guide to find out more.

Not getting the broadband speeds you were promised?

If your broadband speed is slowing you down, it’s now easier than ever to switch to a provider that will guarantee your internet speed.

Ofcom rules mean you should get clearer information about speeds when you buy a broadband service.

If your service doesn’t deliver the speeds you were promised by your provider, get in touch with them. If the problem is on their network and they can’t fix it within 30 days, they must let you leave your contract without being penalised.

For more information click here.

Source: Ofcom