Former director of company that misled consumers into calling expensive phone lines banned from market

Nov 25th '20

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) has prohibited Peter Lyons from providing or being involved in phone-paid services for five years.


Lyons was the director of a company called PowerTel, which ran a directory enquiry service. In October 2018, PowerTel was fined £200,000 for a number of breaches of the PSA Code, including misleading consumers and a failure to clearly inform consumers about call costs. Following this initial adjudication, the company did not pay the fine or administrative costs – the Tribunal therefore banned PowerTel from the market in August 2019.


The Tribunal has now barred Lyons from the market for five years, after it found Lyons was knowingly involved in a series of serious breaches of the PSA’s Code.


Read the Tribunal’s decision in full here.


Source: PSA