EASA Involvement in the revised ICC Marketing Code

Oct 12th '18

On 1st October 2018, European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) attended the ICC’s Commission on Marketing and Advertising meetings in Cartagena, Colombia.

During the meetings topics such as GDPR in Europe, or the California Consumer Privacy Act in the U.S. were addressed. Lucas Boudet, Director General of EASA, provided an update on the inception and content of the European code of practice on disinformation online focusing on its implications with regard to the current ad SR system and references to the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code.

The meeting was followed on 2nd October by a conference on responsible advertising in the digital age, which was also marked by the launch of the Spanish translation of the Code.

EASA’s Chairman, Stephane Martin, provided an update on the rules regarding advertising to children and how his self-regulatory organisation, ARPP, was ensuring these rules were made accessible through motion design videos (in French; English subtitles).

EASA would like to thank all of its members who provided invaluable input for the drafting of the new ICC Code and, more generally, regarding ICC work. EASA ensured that the views of its SRO members, who oversee the functioning of the ad SR system on a national level, are represented in all relevant ICC global initiatives.

Source: EASA

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