Marketing teams benefit from new DOTAPPROVE upgrade

May 7th '18

In April, Perivan Technology released the latest, upgraded version of our DotApprove platform.

What are the new features of the platform, and what benefits do they bring to regulated marketers?

What is DotApprove?

DotApprove is a secure web-based platform. It enables Marketing, Compliance and Sales teams (and anyone else producing marketing or communications materials) to automate the project management, approval, distribution, archiving and audit trail of all marketing material and documentation.

It was originally developed in 2010 in partnership with Schroder Investment Management. Since then, it’s had continual improvements and enhancements based on changing regulations and feedback from over 50 clients.

Today, DotApprove saves Marketing teams time and money, and improves regulatory compliance.

By reducing rework and duplication, it can increase efficiency dramatically – the Nottingham Building Society saved 1500 hours of Compliance and Marketing team time per month by automating their processes via DotApprove. Find out how in this case study.

What’s new in the latest version?

The latest release, available from 1st April 2018, includes:

  • Redesigned interface – making it even more intuitive and user-friendly
  • New features to help streamline processes, ensuring brand and regulatory compliance

These new features include:

Home page – see an instant overview of your latest projects, any outstanding tasks plus department or global announcements.

Clear job dashboard – get a clear picture of all your marketing campaigns and their current stage. You can choose either a list or card view depending on preference.

In a list, see all personal and team campaigns plus any abandoned and archived jobs. Create bespoke personal and team views by dragging and dropping the columns that you want to display.

If you prefer a more visual approach, choose the card view to display campaigns with colour coding for pending, approved, amended or rejected workflows.

Straightforward job briefing – configure marketing and product briefs for each team and type of collateral. Determine the right approval sequence by answering questions on target audience, jurisdiction etc, making sure the right people approve content.

Store content in user-friendly campaign folders – all file types and supporting data are kept in numbered campaign folders. Drag and drop, upload files or email content into the campaign folder by adding the campaign number to the subject line. Never lose track of project files again.

Web content made easy – automatically capture screenshots of your website for review and approval. See how pages will display on a mobile, tablet and laptop to ensure content appears correctly and risk warnings are prominent.

Design and translation workflows – send translation, design requests or artwork amends to your agencies and set timescales to manage your deadlines. Upload new files directly into your campaign folder – more secure than external file-sharing sites, and removes the potential for firewalls to block your agencies’ emails.

Enhanced security – DotApprove now has 2 factor authentication and single sign-on.

Failsafe approval workflows – approval sequences are bespoke depending on the type of collateral, audience or jurisdiction you select (or set your own specific rules). Workflows can automatically be sent to the next approver in the sequence when each reviewer completes their sign-off. Add extra departments to a workflow by dragging and dropping into the order required – invaluable for improving cross-team collaboration.

Approval screens and checklists – see comments and feedback from other reviewers, access supporting documents and view changes made from previous approval workflows.

Approval checklists can now be configured for each reviewer and the type of content being approved – ensuring correct procedures are followed and improving the accuracy and quality of content you send to your Compliance team for approval. This improves your sign-off process, enabling you to get compliant material to market faster.

Manage and reduce team workload – capture common reasons for rejection to analyse trends and identify possible training requirements. The new release enables you to assign each task to a specific team member, while shared calendars let you see the number of tasks each team member is working on.

Multi-reviewer function – collaborate with colleagues in real time and mark up comments and changes to proofs. Reply to changes made by colleagues to capture an online conversation. All proofs and changes are automatically saved in your campaign folder to create an audit trail.

Insightful management information – MI reports can include any data captured within DotApprove, including campaign details, the time taken to approve content and common reasons why content can’t be approved.

Use the information – on screen or downloaded as Excel files s – to analyse trends, identify training needs and continually improve your approach.

High levels of control and bespoking – you have the power to set user roles and access levels, as well as managing site content like briefing fields and email templates.

How can your Marketing team benefit from automation?

If you’re inspired by DotApprove’s new features to find out more about how automation can benefit Marketing teams, you might want to read this whitepaper on The benefits of automated workflow systems. It’s free, and you can download your copy here.

Or if you’d like to get in touch to learn how DotApprove can improve Marketing team efficiency, overhaul your project management and improve regulatory compliance, then get in touch with us.

Source: Perivan Technology.

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