Do you know who is making payments into your customer accounts?

May 8th '17

If you allow, or do not actively prevent, payments to accounts by third parties, you must ensure that your anti-money laundering (AML) and social responsibility (SR) obligations are met in relation to both the account-holder and any individuals funding the account.

This means that know your customer (KYC) requirements apply equally to the person who holds an account with you and any individuals funding that account.

You should be transparent with your customers regarding your policies in this area. You must make it clear to players how you will treat an account where you find out it was funded by a third party. For example, if you identified that the third party that funded the account was self-excluded with you.

You should ensure that you meet your AML and SR obligations whilst also ensuring your application of terms and conditions is fair and proportionate.

In any case where the Gambling Commission determine that a gambling business has not met their obligations, because they have not managed the risk of third party funding of accounts, we may take regulatory action against the business, the relevant Personal Management Licence holders, or both.

Source: Gambling Commission

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