Ofcom reaccredits Billmonitor price comparison service

Nov 15th '19

Ofcom has reaccredited the Billmonitor price comparison service, marking ten years since it was first accredited by them.

Billmonitor provides information that helps consumers and businesses to find the best mobile phone deals for their needs.

Ofcom only accredits price comparison services once they have passed a rigorous audit to make sure the information they provide is thorough, independent and easy to understand.

A reaccreditation audit takes place 12 months after services are first accredited, and every 18 months after that.

Lindsey Fussell, Director of Ofcom’s Consumer and External Relations Group

Comparison websites like Billmonitor provide crucial information that helps consumers to choose the best products and deals for their needs. By ensuring this information is accurate, transparent and up to date, our accreditation scheme means consumers can navigate the market with confidence.

Klaus Henke, managing director of Billmonitor

We are now celebrating 10 years of Ofcom accreditation! Billmonitor was the first ever Ofcom-accredited mobile tariff price comparison website and we are thrilled that we have once again met Ofcom’s requirements, offering accurate, transparent and comprehensive recommendations for our online users.

For more information, see Ofcom’s dedicated price comparison service accreditation page.

Source: Ofcom