ASA Weekly Rulings Published

Aug 23rd '17

This weeks rulings have been published. The following advertisers have been formally investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Rulings for: 23 August 2017

A leaflet and TV ad for Acorn Mobility Services Ltd:

a. The leaflet, seen in April 2017, promoted a stair lift information guide. The leaflet was headed with bold yellow text which repeated the words “FREE GUIDE”. Text below the header stated “If you’re thinking of buying a stairlift, this essential FREE guide…

Two radio ads for The X Factor Games contained the theme tune of the X Factor TV show and the voice-over commonly associated with that programme.

a. The first ad was heard on 6 May 2017 on Wave 105 radio at breakfast time and again at around 3pm.

b. The second ad was heard on 8 May 2017 on Absolu…

Ads attributed to “Solasta Finance”, promoting the BBC TV programme Clique, were seen on 7 March 2017.

a. A website,, promoted Solasta Finance, referred to job opportunities at the company, and included staff profiles.

b. a Facebook page referred to recruitment opportunities at S..

A website for property developers Harron Homes,, seen on 11 May 2017, included a testimonial from a couple who had purchased a property in Harron Homes’ Amberwood Chase development.

A website for the online estate agency Hatched,, seen in March 2017, stated “Hatched, Hatched House, and gave an address in Pudsey, West Yorkshire.”

A post on Vintage Inns’ Facebook page, dated 2 April 2017, which featured an image of a fillet steak with the text “Fixed price dinner Enjoy 2 courses from £10.95”. The post included a link to a page containing the fixed price menu.

An ad for Horse & Rider Insurance Direct, seen in Horse and Rider magazine on 13 April 2017 said the business had been established for “Over (sic) 40 years”.

Two TV ads and a cinema ad for online music service Spotify were seen between 28 April and 13 May 2017.

a. One TV ad showed a family at a dinner table. While the son was singing along to a song, the mother said (to camera) “What he doesn’t know is that he was made to this song. In this room. On this ta…

A regional press ad, seen on 13 May 2016, promoted a proposed property development. It featured an aerial photograph of the area, with the proposed development and boundary superimposed on to the image. Text below the image stated “Over 50% of the site will be green space”. Further text provided further detail re…


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