ASA Weekly Rulings Published

Nov 8th '17

This weeks rulings have been published. The following advertisers have been formally investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Rulings for: 08 November 2017

A video ad for bras from, seen in a Mashable story on Snapchat on 16 July 2017, depicted a woman trying on different bras and tops.

A website for weight loss and cosmetic treatment clinic Alevere Ltd,, seen in April 2017, included text on the FAQ page under the question “Why do I need the treatments as well as the diet?” that stated, “Because losing weight does not automatically mean you will be left with the great body shape you…

A website for Miscota, a retailer of products for pets and animals, seen on 26 May 2017 featured the headline text, “10% discount! Minimum order amount £84.34”. Further text stated “YOUR HAPPY COUPON HAPPY10”.

A magazine ad for Condé Nast Traveller Magazine seen in Glamour Magazine on 22 June 2017 featured a model posed on a beach.

A radio ad for Carphone Warehouse, heard in July 2017, stated “Arabella splurges her £152 on a luxury pampering session for her chihuahua, Mr Fluffles. Switch with Carphone Warehouse and save, on average, £152. Visit us in store or online. Saving compared with major networks over 24 months. Promotion incentives excl…


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