ASA Weekly Rulings Published

Jun 7th '17

This weeks rulings have been published. The following advertisers have been formally investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Rulings for: 07 June 2017

A competition run by Antique Jewellery Group, seen in December 2016 on their Facebook page, included text which said “Win a £375 Antique Ring … Enter our festive prize draw and be in the chance of winning this gorgeous tanzanite cluster ring, worth £375”.

A local press ad for Arla organic farm milk seen on 30 November 2016 included text which stated “Good for the land” and smaller text underneath stating “helping support a more sustainable future.”

A promotion in the Daily Mail, in association with Iceland Foods, seen on 14 October 2016, offered readers free Marmite. The banner on the front page stated “FREE GIANT JAR OF MARMITE PICK UP FROM ICELAND TODAY”. Further text in smaller font in the banner stated “VOUCHER PAGE 46 500g JAR, SUBJECT TO A…

A website for Laptops Direct,, seen on 20 December 2016, for the HP 280 G2 desktop computer which featured a crossed-out “was” price of £417.97, and which stated “You save £28.00 Now £389.97”.

A TV ad for Gala Bingo was seen on 18 February 2017. The voice-over stated,, “Who’s the chaser today? Beat the chaser for a chance to win £5000 in our weekly final chase games and a chance to play along with the chaser at an exclusive quiz night. Bingo! Play happy at” The ad included on-screen small p…

A website for CFS Furniture,, seen on 4 January 2017 included a product page for a recliner chair. It stated that the item was in stock, delivery was within 3 to 7 days and included a countdown timer next to text stating, “LIMTED PERIOD: WINTER SALE OFFER ENDS…”.

A Facebook post for Learn to Trade Ltd, seen on 22 November 2016, which stated “Discover how to get your share of the largest and most liquid market in the World. Join us for an educational FREE Forex Seminar Limited seats- Book Now! Learn the Secrets of Successful Professional Trading Learn the power of compounding…

Claims, seen on 26 February 2017, on stated “6 Hour Logos: All logos given within 6 hours, no extra fee … 6-HOUR Logo service The FASTEST Logo Service Worldwide ALL Logos are given within 6 hours Applies to ALL Logo packages … Get your logos within 6 hours! No cut off times. No…

The website, seen on 16 February 2017, showed photographs of ski anoraks and ski boots. Large text in a box situated prominently on the screen stated “UP TO 50% OFF EVERYTHING! LIMITED TIME ONLY!”

A TV ad for Oakam Ltd, a short-term loan provider, seen on 15 February 2017. The ad featured an actor who said, “I’m a single mum on benefits, I needed some money to tide me over. I didn’t think a loan company would accept me even though I have an income of over £500 a month.” On-screen text stated “1421% APR repres…

The website for Pink and Cow estate agents, included the claim “Sell your home for 0.5%” on their home page. Their services were listed further down the page, including “We’re in the perfect position to show buyers round your property” and “We’ll arrange high quality viewings and give you feedback…

A cinema ad for Responsible Gambling Trust, seen in February 2017, showed a young woman sitting on her bed while an older man sat on a desk in the corner of the room. The older man said, in a sinister and menacing way, “What is it? What is it? It’s just a bit of fun. Hey [laughs] it’s just a bit of fun. It’s just a …

A TV ad for Sky Broadband, seen on 18 February 2017, featured the Lego Batman character. The voice-over stated, “There’s another hero in town. Super-fast Sky Fibre … It’s the UK’s lowest priced fibre including line rental. And even better it’s an exclusive deal for our TV customers. Add just £20 a month for 18 month…

Advertising for a private clinic seen in August 2016:

  1. The website featured a header on the “Our Facilities” page that stated “Candover Clinic Private Healthcare*”. Below that was further text that stated “Purpose built in 2013 the Candover Clinic and Suite is a dedicated private patients unit funded and operated by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Fund”. Below this was another header that stated “About Candover Clinic” with the text “Candover Clinic offers comprehensive healthcare options within four impressive units: … Diagnostic Imaging … For maximum patient convenience, under the same roof as the clinic, our diagnostic imaging unit include MRI … Our state-of-the-art MRI magnet has the widest bore and shortest length magnet in the area, providing the most comfortable patient experience as well as superior diagnostic images … How Candover is different … Being located on the site of a well-respected district hospital offers patients a very high level of safety and reassurance, including access to critical and specialists units not available in nearby private hospital sites …”.
  2. The bus ad featured text that stated “Candover Clinic is the new superior private healthcare option in the Basingstoke area”….


ASA adjudications provide important guidance to advertisers on how the Advertising Codes are to be interpreted. They act as a transparent record of their policy for consumers, media, government, industry and society at large on what is and isn’t acceptable in advertising.

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