ASA Weekly Rulings Published

Dec 6th '17

This week’s rulings have been published. The following advertisers have been formally investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Rulings for: 06 December

A leaflet by Advanced Wall Solutions Ltd for Proteks Systems, an exterior wall application, seen on 28 July 2017, invited recipients to contact them for a survey and quotation for their property. Text under the heading “What our customers say” stated “We had the Proteks System applied to our property …

A competition on Twitter, seen on 13 June 2017, which stated “#WIN a £100 hamper filled with #organic goodies. Take a snap of your fav breakkie [sic] product we sell & tag us using #Wakeuptoorganic”.

A paid-for Facebook post for BMW, seen on 29 May 2017, contained a video which included the claim “Having driven petrol guzzling cars before, I realised that it is now time to switch to an electric car. With zero emissions, the i3 really is a clean car and helps to give back to the environment”, both in the voice-ov…

A website for an adoption agency, New Leaf Adoption (, seen on 23 March 2017, contained text which stated “We only use experienced competent assessors”.

Two ads for workwear and equipment, seen in July 2017:

a. A website,, stated “CUSTOM EMBROIDERED POLO SHIRT … £2.89 PLUS VAT. £3.47 INC VAT …”. Next to that was an image of the product, a polo shirt, which had “YOUR LOGO HERE” embroidered onto it.

Text below stated “PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. This Olympic Polo Shirt is our most popular – and comes to you at just £2.89 each – IF you are having them custom embroidered with text or logo (at additional cost) … PRINT/EMBROIDER ON THIS ITEM. FRONT PRINTS FROM £1.45* + vat. BACK PRINTS FROM £1.95* + vat. We can print/embroider your logo onto this item for a small charge with free artwork creation …”.

b. A paid-for search result on Google stated “Custom Embroidered Polo Shirt – Navy £3.47”. It featured the same product image as in ad (a).


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